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Performance characteristics of different Potentiometer

The information comes from:the Internet posted on:2023-06-27

1、 Features of wire wound Potentiometer: high temperature resistance, high rated power, small resistance temperature coefficient, good resistance stability, small contact resistance change, low current noise and reliable contact, and can realize various output function characteristics. And it is easy to control and ensure the high output characteristic accuracy of linear and nonlinear; At the same time, recently, the wire wound Potentiometer has made new development in materials, structure, process and technology, further improving the reliability and extending the service life.
2、 Features of conductive plastic Potentiometer:
1. Resistors can be made into solid or thin film shapes that are curved or straight, with a mirror like surface, good smoothness, and excellent resolution.
2. There is almost no friction between the contact brush and the resistor body, the rotational torque is small and constant, and there is almost no wear problem. The lifespan is particularly long, the rotational noise is low, and the reliability is high.
3. The resistance range is wide, and the temperature coefficient of the resistance is 110 °.
4. Linear accuracy is usually most practical with independent linearity, with an accuracy of over 0.1-0.5%.
5. The rated power consumption is 2-3W.
6. Resistant to chemical corrosion and atomic radiation.
7. The production process is simple and less polluted by the environment,
3、 Features of synthetic carbon film Potentiometer: high resolution, can contact Wu step to adjust voltage, good wear resistance, long service life, easy to make linear and nonlinear Potentiometer, strict control of the thickness and width of the resistor body, can obtain high output characteristic accuracy, linearity is generally about 1%, can be improved to about 0.1% after etching, resistance range is generally 100 ohm-1M. The Potentiometer has low price and simple manufacturing process. Widely used.
4、 Features of photoelectric Potentiometer: no mechanical contact brush of conventional Potentiometer, no mechanical friction. No wear, long wear life, up to several hundred million cycles, high resolution, low noise, high sensitivity, and continuous output signal. High reliability, with a resistance range of 500 ohms to 15M. A wide range of adaptability from a work perspective.