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How can encoders resist interference?

The information comes from:the Internet posted on:2023-06-27

An encoder is a rotary sensor that converts rotational displacement into a series of digital pulse signals, which can be used to control angular displacement. If the encoder is combined with a gear strip or screw, it can also be used to measure linear displacement. How can encoders in motion control systems resist interference?
1. Optoelectronic coupling isolation method: In the long-distance transmission process, the use of optoelectronic couplers can cut off the connection between the control system and the input and output channels, as well as the input and output channels of the servo driver. The primary advantage of optoelectronic coupling is its ability to effectively suppress peak pulses and various noise disturbances, thereby greatly improving the signal-to-noise ratio during signal transmission. Although the disturbance noise has a large voltage amplitude, its energy is small and can only form a weak current. The LED in the input part of the optocoupler operates in a current state, usually with a conduction current of 10-15mA. Therefore, even with high amplitude disturbance, it is suppressed because it cannot provide enough current.
2. Twisted pair shielded wire is used for long-distance transmission, and signals are affected by disturbances such as electric field, magnetic field, and ground impedance during the transmission process. Choosing a grounded shielded wire can reduce the disturbance of the electric field. Compared to coaxial cables, twisted pair cables have a lower frequency band, but they have higher wave impedance and stronger resistance to common mode noise, which can cancel out the electromagnetic induced disturbances in various small links.
Anti disturbance planning for power supply systems
1. Implement power grouping for power supply, such as separating the driving power supply of the execution motor from the control power supply to prevent interference between devices.
2. Selecting an isolation transformer, considering that high-frequency noise is not primarily coupled by the mutual inductance of the primary and secondary coils, but by the parasitic capacitance of the primary and secondary windings. Therefore, the primary stages of the isolation transformer are isolated with shielding layers to reduce their distributed capacitance and improve their ability to resist common mode disturbances.
3. Choosing a noise filter can also effectively suppress the interference of AC servo drivers on other devices.