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Why choose us?
Support customization
Why do you choose Lixuan Electronics?
Support customization, manufacturer direct sales, complete specifications
  • Years of industry experience
    Rich experience
    Own factory, large-scale production base, with multiple high-quality employees, professional technology research and development
  • Independent production
    Professional design
    Professional testing instruments and a professional testing team ensure that quality issues are controlled during the manufacturing process.
  • customized
    The product is widely used in many industrial automation fields and has the ability to provide customized product services according to customer needs.
  • reliable service
    reliable service
    Provide thoughtful services to customers and form an integrated service system. Let customers rest assured and worry free.
application area

The product is widely used in: automobiles, aerospace, telecommunications, medical, etc

Four major advantages

Having strong technical strength, professional production equipment, and a sound quality management system

  • Strength advantage

  • Quality assurance

  • On time delivery

  • After-sale service


    The company has strong strength and is trustworthy

    Over 10 years of dedicated research and development, customization, and production of encoders, with over 5000 square meters of standardized production base

    We have a professional technical team and core personnel with years of industry experience. 60% of our products have been automated and our monthly production capacity is 5 million PCS.



    Passed multiple ISO management system certifications

    Select excellent raw materials, strictly control the quality inspection process, and ensure the quality of each product; Emphasize independent research and development to enhance product development capabilities, and establish an efficient and high-quality product development team.

    The product has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 environmental management system certification, achieving the participation of all employees throughout the company, covering all production lines and all products produced by the company



    Quality and speed, we pursue simultaneously

    The company has an experienced technical production team and advanced production and testing equipment, which effectively controls product quality and production speed, further ensuring equipment delivery time.

    We have established a large warehouse to meet the needs of our customers with a variety of products, specifications, and high-quality, as well as comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring safe, fast, and reliable purchasing.



    Provide a comprehensive after-sales service system

    We provide professional technical support to meet your various needs, ensuring timely handling and answering of customer inquiries after sales, and relieving your worries.

    Regularly tracking customer follow-up, understanding the usage and needs of customer products, helping customers prepare in advance to avoid affecting production and delivery time, and winning praise and support from a large number of customers.


Design, process and customize according to needs, sample out in 3-5 days, and deliver quickly in 5-10 days

  • 准备资料01

    Demand Survey

    Customers provide product related element standards and core requirements information
  • 设计方案02

    Design scheme

    The project technical team designs and optimizes solutions based on requirements
  • 出样测试03

    Sample testing

    Optimized product sample production for customer confirmation through actual testing
  • 批量生产04


    Batch production and sampling based on samples, tracking services
  • 售后保障05

    After sales guarantee

    Having comprehensive after-sales service.

    Providing good service for your career

    Dongguan Lixuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

    Dongguan Lixuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City. It is an enterprise specialized in manufacturing and developing high-end Potentiometer. With the gradual expansion of market demand, in order to adapt to some rapidly developing markets. The production scale of enterprises should be expanded and product varieties developed to produce encoders, multi-channel band switches, and toggle switches. The products are widely used in automobiles, aerospace, telecommunications, healthcare, toys, electrical appliances, instruments, and large machinery. For example, media speakers, digital cameras, mobile phones, headphones, massagers, radio/cassette players, CDs/DVDs, electric fans, radio lights, flashlights, and other household appliances. Learn more
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